Dr. Tobing-Puente designed her private practice of licensed psychologists and mental health clinicians to carry forth her mission of  supporting individuals’ development, including clients as young as toddlers through young adulthood, and their families.

Our specialties include the assessment and treatment of individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders of communicating and relating, including autism spectrum disorders, as well as children with a range of social-emotional challenges. Families are an integral part of the work we do. While focusing on the whole child, we work closely in collaboration with school personnel and other treatment providers.

We specialize in using the DIR (Developmental Individual Differences Relationship-based) philosophy and related Floortime strategies, which allow us to carefully consider the whole child (or young adult), his/her many individual differences, and his/her relationships in a strengths-based, respectful manner.  Our approach promotes social-emotional development by addressing the underlying challenges that children and young adults experience that may impact their ability to regulate, interact, express feelings, cope with challenging feelings and be reflective.  Other complementary approaches are incorporated as appropriate.

Services are provided in two New York offices located in Gramercy Park, Manhattan and Bayside, Queens.

Our offices are child-friendly and are considerate of those with neurodevelopmental differences.  Our unique multidisciplinary Bayside suite includes a sensory gym, which enables us to address underlying challenges in sensory regulation that impact an individual’s social communication and social-emotional functioning, as well as provides opportunities to informally assess challenges in movement.

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