Services Provided


Evaluations with Dr. Tobing-Puente are a multi-step process.  Beginning with a parent interview, several sessions are scheduled for the assessment of the child/young adult, including formal assessment tools, observations of parents and children/young adults together, a school observation, and often a home visit, concluding with a detailed parent feedback session.  Feedback sessions for adolescents/young adults also may be included.  Types of evaluations include:

  • Diagnostic: Dr. Tobing-Puente uses the Autism Diagnostic Observation Scale-Second Edition (ADOS-2) as part of her battery of tests for individuals suspected of having an autism-spectrum disorder.
  • Psychoeducational: Includes assessment of intellectual, academic, adaptive, and social-emotional/behavioral functioning.
  • Developmental: Includes assessment of cognitive, speech-language, motor, adaptive and social-emotional functioning.


The nature of treatment depends on the individual’s level of functioning and can range from Floortime, play therapy, and more traditional talk therapy.  Several initial intake sessions are used to determine an appropriate individualized treatment plan for each family.  Parents are an integral part of treatment and participate in various ways.  Sessions may include parents and children working together, as Dr. Tobing-Puente teaches parents strategies directly.  Individual parent sessions also are an integral part of treatment.  Dr. Tobing-Puente works closely with schools and other treatment providers in order to develop a cohesive team approach to treatment.


Dr. Tobing-Puente provides consultations to schools in the form of screenings for children suspected of having developmental delays and/or social-emotional challenges, provides support and guidance for teachers, parents, and treatment providers, and makes referrals, as appropriate.  Dr. Tobing-Puente’s strength-based approach results in a  “non-pathologizing” approach to understanding children and their behaviors, as well as the development of  supportive strategies.

Workshops for Parents and Professionals

Dr. Tobing-Puente provides workshops for parents and school staffs.  She most frequently presents on the following topics:

  • Developing positive parent-teacher relationships
  • Separation and transitioning
  • Ensuring a positive transition to kindergarten
  • Promoting play in young children; the importance of parent-child play
  • Managing challenging behaviors
  • Fears and anxieties
  • Sleep challenges

Parent support group

Dr. Tobing-Puente provides a FREE monthly support group to parents of children diagnosed with ASD through the National Autism Association’s NY Metro Chapter. Please see NAA-NY Metro Parent Support for more details.