Hello everyone,

After many years of saying, “that would be my next blog post,” when I became passionate about an idea, I have finally started one!  My delay in starting one has not been for lack of ideas and material, just a matter of prioritizing.  I’m excited to share with the world my philosophies about children, social-emotional development, parenting, relationships, special needs, early childhood education, and more.  In my blogs, you will read about the crucial importance of developmentally-appropriate, respectful, and relationship-based approaches to these concepts.

A little about me:  I am a NYS licensed psychologist who currently works in private practice and at a general education Reggio-Emelia inspired school.  My work is all highly infused by the DIR (Developmental Individual Differences and Relationship-based) Model and related Floortime approach, with a growing appreciation for Reggio Emelia (stay tuned for future blog posts on the parallels between these philosophies).  I have been heavily influenced in my career from my work at Rebecca School (7.5 years; Clinical Coordinator and Senior Psychologist) and at the Early Intervention Center of Brooklyn.  I received a wonderful graduate school experience at Fordham University where I received my PhD in clinical psychology, with a specialization in child and family therapy.  I am the proud mother of two young daughters.  For more information, see the site for my practice:

Thanks for your interest in my work, ideas, and this blog.  I look forward to sharing more with you!



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