My Interview on Fox 5 NYC News


On Friday, 11/18/16, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by NYC’s Fox 5 News  for a story they were doing on Darius McCollum, the NYC man who was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, and has been serving time on Rikers Island due to his most recent arrest for stealing and operating a charter bus.  The new movie, Off The Rails,  documents Mr. McCollum’s passion for trains and buses, his many arrests, and his difficulties obtaining proper treatment.  I was glad to have the opportunity to speak about the needs of individuals with Asperger’s.  See below for the clip and article:

Please note that Asperger’s is no longer recognized by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, in its most recent Fifth Edition.  Asperger’s was one of the Pervasive Developmental Disorders (of which Autism also was a diagnosis).  Currently, the umbrella diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder covers individuals who formerly were diagnosed with “autism,” “Asperger’s” and “pervasive developmental disorder-not otherwise specified.”

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