Introduction to Blog Series: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes, by Dr. Lauren Tobing-Puente

During the more than two months of this COVID-19 pandemic (including, NY stay-at-home orders, “social distancing,” and remote learning), Dr. Jaime, Dr. Jennifer and I have spent much time discussing and reflecting about what families, including special needs families, need most, and how we can best support them.  We have smoothly transitioned to telepsychology for ongoing and new clients, and for evaluations, as appropriate.  I have increased the frequency of the free support group for parents of children with ASD.  We have offered several virtual webinars for parents on topics related to parenting during this pandemic.

We continue this mission to support families with a series of blogs ripe with strategies and information for families as this time of uncertainty and “new norms” continues to evolve and pose challenges.  Hence, the title of the series is: Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes (a reference to the great David Bowie song), as we continue to be faced with changes during this time.  This series will include:

Part 1: Adapting to Distance Learning During COVID-19

Part 2: Self-care and Family Well-being

Part 3: Safely Maintaining Relationships: Physically, Not Socially, Distancing

We hope you enjoy these blogs and find that they are useful in some ways.  If you have additional ideas for topics, please let us know.

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